Cressida Stephenson – Managing Director of EdenChase Associates – has over twenty four years’ experience in partnering clients to find the best Tech and Digital talent across the market place, regardless of sector.

Cressida Stephenson is also a guest blogger for Divein.Network a community for represented and underrepresented groups.

She is also Podcast Host of D&I Recruitment 101 – The how to series and an Executive Round Table Chair.

EdenChase Associates is also a proud signatory of the Tech Talent Charter (TTC), a non -profit organisation leading a movement to address inequality in the UK tech sector and drive inclusion and diversity in a practical and measurable way.

We are committed to achieving greater inclusion, equity and diversity within the UK technology workforce by working with clients to put intentional, practical steps in place for more D&I focused hiring strategies, targeting under represented tech talent.

We are delighted to join this community and commit to constantly focus on inclusive hiring practices, contribute our data for the annual benchmarking report, and share our learned experiences to benefit the TTC community and industry at large.

EdenChase Associates believes in ethically creating D&I recruitment strategies and diverse candidate shortlists for conscious companies, who want D&I to be at the heart of their talent discovery strategy.

If you are ready to move away from D&I tokenism, towards sustainable, active, conscious practice, then you need to work with a dedicated D&I ally and partner…..that’s us!

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