D&I Recruitment 101 – My D&I Journey with Susan Grayson, Director or Resourcing, Talent, D&I and L&D at Spirit Energy

Listen to a great conversation with Susan, in which she shares her D&I journey and we gain insights into:

  • 1st steps to D&I Adoption  | 4m 04s
  • Recruitment Process Review | 5m 08s
  • Bringing D&I into the Employee Life Cycle  |  5m 41s
  • Magic D&I Recipe to Enable Success  | 6m 08s
  • D&I and Senior Leadership  | 6m 44s
  • Key Recruitment Process Review Takeaways  |  7m 29s
  • Removing Bias within the Recruitment Process  | 9m 39s
  • How To Avoid Recruiting For Culture Fit  |  12m 52s
  • Capturing Neurodiverse Talent  |  13m 37s
  • Working with Line Managers to Drive Inclusive Hiring Practices   |  14m46s
  • Pay and Rewards  |  16m 37s
  • Top 3 Tips to Implementing D&I  |  20m 08s


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