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EdenChase Associates
DE&I Summit

Online from Tuesday the 17th to Thursday the 19th May
09.00 to 12.30 BST

“Our Differences are Our Strengths”

A free online event accessible for anyone with a real passion and commitment in creating the most authentic diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures for their people to flourish, evolve and achieve. 15 fantastic speakers over 3 morning sessions, with live panel discussions each day.

A  voluntary donation of £25.00 is suggested per registration which will be donated to GiveOut; an award-winning international LGBTQI community foundation enabling our community and allies to give in one place to support LGBTQI activism worldwide, and Humanity & Inclusion; supporting people with disabilities and vulnerable people fleeing Ukraine and other conflicts globally.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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Day 1 Tuesday 17th May

Employee Psychological Safety, Anti-Racism, Belonging, Inclusion and Employee Well Being

Lucy Hutchinson

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead at Principles for Responsible Investment

My DE&I journey. Lessons learned when creating a DE&I function from scratch and how to avoid burnout as a DE&I Professional?

Ellen Muthu

Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Consultant – Founder Equitea & Coffee Ltd

What can companies do to improve belonging, psychological safety, and racial equity at both a cultural/behavioural level? What structures and processes need to be in place?

Claire Ackers

Authenticity and Mindset Coach, Founder at Adesse

Imposter Syndrome: Tools to silence your inner imposter

Debbie Forster MBE

CEO of The Tech Talent Charter

Where do you start with your DE&I Strategy? Top 10 Most Effective strategies to set yourself up for success.

Neelu Agarwal

Neelu Agarwal

First Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lead at PRA – Bank of England | Board member @ Second Step

Neelu will be sharing her experiences around embedding psychological safety practices in the workplace and what initiatives/programmes she has created at PRA to start to move the dial. She will also look at what the cultural challenges are around implementing psychological safety and how to navigate them.

Further speakers to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

Live Panel Discussion with Q&A on Employee Psychological Safety, Anti-Racism, Belonging, Inclusion, and Employee Well Being.

Day 2 Wednesday 18th May

 Increasing representation of women in tech and into senior roles

Neeta Patel CBE

CEO at Centre for Entrepreneurs

We will chat about:

  • How can we inspire and encourage women into (tech) business?
  • How can we remove barriers to support greater retention/development of women?

Polly Shute

Co-Founder of Out and About LGBTQ and Out & Wild Festival

We will explore:

  • What are the barriers for all women developing and gaining promotion in their careers especially with LGBTQIA lens?
  • How can we promote conscious inclusion at an individual/team and organisational level to tailor support so talented women can progress?

Zoe Cunningham

Director at Softwire,  Speaker & Author

Zoe will be sharing how Softwire has created a culture that promotes, greater diversity, equality and inclusion by looking at:

  • Hiring Practices/Retention and Development
  • Creating a creative and curious culture
  • How the younger generation play a crucial role in driving cultural change

Jodi Goldman

Director at Jodi Goldman Ltd. Creator of the Face Forward female empowerment & leadership programme, Coach & Speaker 

Jodi will be speaking about “Magnetic Female Leadership”.

In this session Jodi Goldman will share tools and strategies that each individual woman can do to ensure she is showing up as the most confident, authentic and assertive version of herself. 

Marissa Ellis

Founder @ Best selling author & Speaker 

Meetings are the window into the soul of your organisation. If you want to build an inclusive culture where women can thrive, a great place to start is with your meetings. Diversity and Inclusion isn’t about grand gestures or ticking boxes. It is the everyday interactions that really make a difference. 

In this talk Marissa will share how thinking inclusively can help you to run better, more effective meetings that encourage full participation and get better results – especially for women or people in minority groups. She’ll also share practical tips you can put in place immediately to make your meetings more inclusive.

Further speakers to be confirmed.

Watch this space!

Live Panel Discussion with Q&A on Promotion and Retention of Women in the workplace.

Day 3 Thursday 19th May

 Invisible Diversity Characteristics: Women’s Hormonal Health, Neurodiversity, Disability, LGBTQIA

Tash Thomas

Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at European Coworking Assembly

Tash will be exploring:

  • How can we create workplaces where all voices feel psychologically safe, valued and respected to support gender identity and gender expression?
  • Uncovering your blind spots. Is there diversity in the room when organisations create policies?
  • Allyship

Jane Hatton

Founder and CEO of Evenbreak

Jane will discuss:

  • Fluctuating and invisible disability
  • What are the barriers to hiring disabled candidates and what can organisations do to remove them?
  • How Evenbreak is leading the way in supporting clients to recruit for disabled talent.

Kirsty Cook

Global Director D&I Services at Auticon

    Neurodivergent talent in your teams?

    Probably, even if you don’t realise it. 

    Kirsty will share how auticon is teaching other organisations to be neuro-confident, neuro-accepting and neuro-inclusive when you attract, recruit and retain neurodivergent talent.

    Julie Dennis

    Menopause at Work specialist partnering with organisations to retain talent through webinars, workshops, e learning & policy support. Trainer & Speaker

      Julie Dennis and Madhu Kapoor will be in conversation, exploring Menopause in the workplace.

      Madhu Kapoor

      Founder at M for Menopause – guiding employers on how to best support employees struggling with Menopause

        Julie Dennis and Madhu Kapoor will be in conversation, exploring Menopause in the workplace.

        Torie Robinson

        CEO and Founder of Epliepsy Sparks
        International Keynote Speaker & Consultant: Neurodiversity, Mental Health & Epilepsy

        Torie, will be providing a deep insight into the real world of psychiatric and neurological illness, how to identify when a person might be unwell, what to say and do and why  you mustn’t be afraid

        Further speakers to be confirmed.

        Watch this space!

        Live Panel Discussion with Q&A on Invisible Diversity Characteristics.

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