Our Process

  • We approach passive and active candidates and assess each candidate against the same requirements specific to each role, ensuring a consistency of qualification.

  • We have undergone Unconsious Bias training and are aware of our own personal biases and how these can influence candidate qualification.

  • Cressida is a certified Thomas International PPA and HPTi practitioner. We can offer online personality/behavioural testing to identify high potential employees and an individual’s behavioural preferences and communication styles and also online technical testing.

  • We meet each candidate Via Teams, however for some neurodivergent candidates who find eye contact challenging as an adaption to their needs, these meetings are audio only.

  • We ask each candidate who goes through our process if there are any adaptions that need to be made so they can be at their best.  We can then advise the client of any necessary adaptions at their interview stage.

  • We can provide a diverse and inclusive shortlist for you within two to three weeks.

  • We only work on exclusive projects with our clients and plan an exact and focused approach for the target candidate market.

  • We have a 100% delivery track record.

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