Paulina Sygulska Tenner – Laid Bare. How Do You Create an Open and Authentic Culture? Lead From the Front.

A great conversation with serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of GrantTree. She shares her experiences of how to create an open and inclusive culture and the values and benefits of Self Set Pay. 

She also discusses her book; “Laid Bare. What the Business Leader Learned From the Stripper” and how she applied her experiences as a Stripper to make her a more intuitive, effective and successful business leader. 
You can preorder a copy of her book at:

  • The Entrepreneur | 1m 33s
  • The Investor | 2m 04s
  • The Author and Her Book: “Laid Bare. What the Business Leader Learned From the Stripper”  2m 20s
  • The Art of Being an Authentic Leader  | 6m 37s
  • Adapting Recruitment Practices to Be More Inclusive  | 9m 55s
  • Self Set Pay | 14m 38s
  • 3 Top Tips to Embed and Inclusive and Open Culture | 22m 33s


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