Promises for 2022

How can it be that we are at the beginning of another year?

2020 was brutal and 2021 promised much and delivered little, except more of the same anxiety-ridden uncertainty and changing everything at the drop of a hat…..again. So I welcome 2022 with some real trepidation but also with some semblance of hope and excitement.

So, in 2022 I am not going to make any resolutions! They start as a great idea, with great intentions, but in my case, I attach too much judgement if I don’t keep them going and New Year’s Resolutions transform from something that should be motivational to something that is guilt-ridden and becomes a burden. As someone who suffers from depression, I feel like I need a more relaxed and casual approach to resolutions, to goal settings and that is why I am going to make promises to myself about how I approach life, or what I want to aim for in 2022.

So here goes. I promise:

1) To be kind to me

I need to forgive myself more and be much more accepting of what I see to be my failings/shortcomings, (my health being chief among them). I need to remind myself how far I have come and how bloody amazing I am, and that I am worth loving and just to simply be kind.

2) To take better care of myself

Medication! Ugh! It’s a love-hate relationship. I have to take my meds and inject myself weekly. My meds keep me healthy and in a good place, my injection means I can walk, pretty fundamental stuff, and yet how many times do I forget to take them or inject myself? And then I wonder, why I have severe pain in my pelvis and spine! I am worthy of self-care and my health is a priority, so my promise to me is to do better be more consistent and just accept that medication is now a part of my life, rather than being in total denial about it all the time.

3) To back me and believe in me…you Warrior Queen

Sometimes I am my worst enemy and get in my way of achieving great things. I let my inner shadow archetype control how I feel and sabotage my attempts to try new things because I am scared of failing, offending people or people not liking me! This year I promise to stand in my power and own my sh*t. Sometimes the storm comes not to create chaos but to clear your path, so you are forced to adapt, to pivot with an ignited determination and passion that will bring forth untold opportunities, because you simply dared to dream, dared to be different and dared to be authentically you.

So, it’s baby steps for me as we start our journey into the new year. I am very excited to just let go of all the baggage and just be and push myself and see what I can achieve. So farewell 2021, you were total rubbish and hello 2022, let me show you what I’ve got!


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