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The number of advertised vacancies in the UK hit 953,000 in the three months to July 2021 (Source ONS Aug 2021), 10% of those vacancies are in tech (Source UK Tech Cluster Group).

There are approximately 95,000 advertised vacancies in the tech sector. 

We believe, now more than ever, that if organisations invest energy into talent discovery strategies, (in addition to talent attraction), they will undoubtedly gain greater access to an even larger pool of diverse talent, easing issues of skills shortage within an incredibly competitive technology marketplace, whilst making intentional steps towards their own D&I agenda.

So how do we find more diverse candidates for our clients?

EdenChase specialises in discovering diverse, hard to find talent for technology related roles of any description.

Over the last 24 years we have grown our women in tech and D&I network, with a laser focus on ensuring we have access to the most diverse candidates possible. There is no quick fix here, this has taken years for us to painstakingly network and connect with groups, individuals and platforms.

We are members of the following:

  • Multiple Women in Tech networks/Forums
  • Attend quarterly Women in Tech Events
  • Blogger for DiveIn Network, connecting represented and underrepresented groups together
  • Speaker at Great British Business Woman’s Conference
  • Proud Signatory of the Tech Talent Charter
  • D&I Recruitment Podcast Host
  • Executive Round Table Chair

All of the above affords us the opportunity to network and meet fantastic, talented people and share with each of these communities that we are searching on behalf of a client for a specific role, skill set, giving us access to the passive candidate market place. 

Once we have established contact with an individual, we listen to their aspirations and hopes and what challenging roles would truly excite them next. In this space we are able to build deeper connections with candidates and have frank and open discussions about specific roles and clients and present the opportunities with real passion and integrity. And as we know, as women are 16% less likely to apply for a role unless they satisfy 100% of the role specifications, we are able to present the scope and breadth of the opportunity to our female candidates and discuss any concerns up front, so that each candidate is truly bought into and excited about their application process.

We commit to our clients therefore, that wherever possible, 50% of each shortlist we provide will be made up of women in addition to candidates from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

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