We are all on a journey when it comes to DE&I and it doesn’t matter where your starting point is, what matters is that you make the start in the 1st place. A key step on this path is education and learning and after requests from existing clients to educate and increase knowledge of their internal teams through workshops we are now delighted to be able to offer these workshops to all conscious organisations who want DE&I to be at the heart of their talent discovery strategy.

The purpose of our workshops is to break down barriers, build confidence and create those lightbulb moments that result in behavioural shifts and change.

These workshops can be delivered in the following formats:

  • Face-to-face (Half day for <15 people)
  • Live virtual (2hrs for <15 people)
  • Conferences and events (<500 people)
  • Fully customisable

Creating an inclusive and accessible recruitment strategy

Topic areas covered:

Data Collection. What is your starting point? How to measure where you begin?

Route to Market. Talent Discovery/Talent Attraction/How to access the most diverse tech talent?

IV Process. Removing unconscious bias from the process, ensuring consistency and continuity. How accessible is your recruitment process?

Becoming an Employer of choice. How to create a diverse and inclusive brand to engage with the best talent in the market.

    How to access candidates with disabilities in the market place

    Topic areas covered:

    Myths/Fears around hiring candidates with Disabilities

    Barriers to hiring candidates with disabilities

    Changing the narrative

    Targeted approach to hiring candidates with disabilities

    Looking for Something Different?

    As I mentioned earlier we are all on a journey, which is unique to us and the organisation we work for. Our goals, motivations and reasons for learning are all different and so if you would like a more focused approach that more accurately reflects where you are now in that journey and require some help in putting together a roadmap for your next Diversity and Inclusion destination, then please book a call here.

    Testimonials of previous Workshops

    Thank you so much for the great workshop!

    Learning from you how to obtain Access to Disabled Talent was very revealing. The global team located across Germany, Australia, China, Switzerland and the US was fascinated with the simple and powerful messages that you delivered based on your firsthand experience of working with disabled talent and dealing with disability yourself. Many thanks for your openness, kindness and great sense of humour! It was a very meaningful learning experience for everyone involved.

    Elena Kharlamova

    Talent Acquisition Director

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